English and Life Skills Lab

The English and Life Skills Lab (ELSL) is a comprehensive school partnership aimed at imparting Life Skills through the medium of English language to students. This year-long support programme seeks to create a culture of purposeful and joyful learning in schools.

The English and Life Skills Lab is based on materials designed and developed by Ignis Careers'research division. It is in line with the new CCE pattern.

English and Life Skills Lab is offered across 8 levels

Level Package Recommended For
1 & 2 Beginners A & B LKG & UKG
3 & 4 Essential A Classes 1 & 2
5 Essential B Classes 3 & 4
6 Basic A Classes 5 & 6
7 Basic B Classes 7 & 8
8 Foundation A & B Classes 9 & 10
The advantages of ELSL programme:
Ignis Inspired LearningContinous year long support
Ignis Inspired LearningAffordable capacity building package
Ignis Inspired LearningPromoting joyful & purposeful learning
Ignis Inspired LearningLife skill learning in addition to language learning
Ignis Inspired LearningBased on a whole language package support approach
Ignis Inspired LearningAge appropriate and culturally situated curriculum design
Ignis Inspired LearningOutcomes evaluated using state of the art measurement tools
Ignis Inspired LearningBased on the Common European Framework of Referance for language usage (CEFR)
Rural Teacher Fellowship

The Rural Teacher Fellowship (RTF) is a unique, sustainable model that selects promising individuals from within the community and grooms them to become change-leaders who initiate and drive community based development.

The Teacher-Fellows are given rigorous training and regular skill enhancement workshops to further improve their capacities.

The RTF model has been successfully implemented for the last 5 years in Banapuram village of Khammam Dist. Telangana.

Rural Teacher Fellowship Teacher Fellows recruited from the community
Rural Teacher Fellowship Curriculum based on the lived experience of the community
Rural Teacher Fellowship In school implementation of the programme
Rural Teacher Fellowship Intense training and weekly support training for fellows
Rural Teacher Fellowship ICT based learning support
Rural Teacher Fellowship 3rd Party Assesments for programme
Rural Teacher Fellowship Awareness programmes for the community
Rural Teacher Fellowship Community Connection Programmes; Cultural and Sports meets
Rural Teacher Fellowship Summer Camps and other activities for the students

Ignis Careers' newest addition- IgniKids is a complete learning support package for the Pre-Primary.

In congruence with the ECCE learning outcomes, IgniKids is designed to help the learner to comprehensively develop self-awareness,pre-reading,pre-writing, Pre-math environmental and social awareness skills.

Whole language learning Whole language learning
Fine motor skills Fine motor skills
Integrated curriculum Integrated curriculum
Joyful and purposeful learning Joyful and purposeful learning
Embedded phonics Embedded phonics
Gross motor skills Gross motor skills
Play-way learning methods Play-way learning methods

Every girl has the right to study. For girls, education holds the key to emancipation and empowerment.

Asmi (meaning 'I am') helps young girls on the cusp of adulthood to find confidence in themselves and to develop hitherto hidden skills sets that would help them navigate life's challenges.

The broad based framework equips young womenwith the requisite LifeSkills and social awareness through the medium of English Language.

Asmi - Ignis Inspired Learning
Interpersonal Skills Interpersonal Skills
Self-Awareness Self-Awareness
Financial Awareness Financial Awareness
Health and Hygiene Health and Hygiene
Advocacy Skills Advocacy Skills
Self Management Self Management
Critical Thinking Critical Thinking