English for Employment

Employability or the ability to be employable is a crucial factor. As per the 2015 NASSCOM report, less than 10% of the graduates in the country are employable. As a result they end up filling posts that fall short of the posts they would originally be entitled to. All because they lack the language and communications skills to be deemed worthy of higher positions.

English plays a crucial factor in determining the worthiness of an individual to be employed.

Ignis Careers' English for Employment help learners to acquire English Language Skills in their own context while equipping them with skills to work in a globalized world.

The package is drawn from the Cambridge English Language curriculum and modified to fit the context of the learner.

Integrated Language programme Integrated Language programme
Pronouncing and accent Pronouncing and accent
International perspective International perspective
Develops confidence Develops confidence
Improves learning capacity Improves learning capacity
Small batches Small batches
Placement Training Services

Trains the students and aspirants in Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) procedures. The students are guided in methods to tackle placement procedures. Candidates are trained in soft skills and interpersonal communication skills.

CV's and covering letter CV's and covering letter
Self-Awareness Self-Awareness
Team work Team work
Interviews Interviews
Life Skills Life Skills
Aptitude Tests Aptitude Tests
Group Discussions Group Discussions
Professional English

This package provides Corporate Organization and other entities ,an opportunity to enhance the Communication skills of employees.

Developed with purpose of enhancing language proficiency ,the package consists of three levels:

  • Basic Level (B1 on CEFR*)
  • Functional (B1 on CEFR)
  • Professional (B2 on CEFR)

The duration of the package is 66 hours spread over 4 Days.

Communication Skills Communication Skills
Business Etiquette Business Etiquette
Negotiaiting inter-cultural work environments Negotiaiting inter-cultural work environments
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills
Handling meetings and discussions Handling meetings and discussions
Self - Management Skills Self - Management Skills

* CEFR - Common European Framework of Reference

Bussiness Communication

The Business Communication programme is designed to impart. English language skills through a series of real world scenarios. Employees would be trained in language skills, appropriate for professional interactions and offered a comprehensive skill development.

Business Communication is offered at two levels, depending on the language skills of the trainees:

  • Level 1 + (B1 on CEFR)
  • Level 2 + (B2 on CEFR)
Bussiness Communication Custom programmes to suit organizational needs
Bussiness Communication Unique 3-way feedback sytem for enhanced learning experience
Bussiness Communication Integrated course material
Bussiness Communication Training based on Real World Scenarios
Bussiness Communication Focus on all aspect of communication
Bussiness Communication Body Language & Theatre workshops to build Confidence and Team Coordination

The total duration of the programme is 120 Hours spread across 10 to 15 days.